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If your family are self-isolating and need some work for your child to complete during this time, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Home Learning page!

If you have accessed the home learning page before, you will know the password. If you haven’t, then please contact the office by phone or email office@deyncourtprimary.com and they will be happy to share the password with you.

If you need work immediately, please click on the year group that your child is in to see what work is available. Staff will regularly upload different activities for children to complete. There are different folders to help you find activities.

What work will be set for my child if my family are isolating?

If your family are self-isolating, class teachers will send you a message via Class Dojo to let you know what the work is and what you need to do. We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. The lessons will all be uploaded in pdf form so the child isolating can have the same lesson as if they were attending school. However, some adaptions are made in some subjects. For example, there may be links to Oak National Academy for recorded lessons in the foundation subjects.

There will be an English and Maths lesson daily along with foundation subjects learning as well. This should take 3-4 hours to complete.

What will happen if school has a ‘bubble’ closure?

If a bubble needs to close and isolate for 10 days and your child has been in school that day, they can take home a ‘Home Learning Pack’ from school. Inside is an exercise book, work book, pencil, ruler and rubber for children to use. If a bubble needs to close and the children are not in school, we will ensure that children receive their home learning pack – it may be that they are delivered to children who need them. ​

When a bubble closes, the class teacher will upload their weekly timetable to the Home Learning Portal so you roughly know what the week will look like. ​We expect parents/carers to follow this timetable as closely as possible and support your child with their learning.

The class teacher will start the ‘school day’ with an introduction via Microsoft Teams – this will last for about 30-40 minutes and will start at 9.15am (subject to change if multiple bubbles close). All children have an email address and password that will enable them to join Microsoft Teams – these will be provided in the event of a bubble closure. The class teacher will schedule a meeting for their class to attend so the learning for the day can be explained. A document explaining the day will also be uploaded onto the Home Learning Portal if any children cannot attend the live session.

During a closure, the class teacher will set work following the same pattern as in school with an English, Maths, reading session then foundation subject in the afternoon. ​

Staff will provide links to Oak National Academy website where they have lots of ‘Live lessons’ that will be incorporated into the curriculum. Children can watch these videos of the lessons and complete any activities in their books or on paper. ​

You can send your child’s work via email or Class Dojo using the Portfolio function and the class teacher will respond to you. Over the course of the day, staff will be available for any questions you may have between the hours of 9am – 3.30pm – you can contact via Class Dojo, email or if children have any questions, use iamlearning.

If the class teacher has not heard from your or your child via Class Dojo, a telephone call will be made to check that you have access to the remote learning and if any support can be given. There is an expectation that your child completes the work during the isolation period. If no communication/engagement is seen during isolation a member of the senior leadership team will contact you.

How will feedback be given?

Feedback can take many forms. If children complete work and submit via Class Dojo, the class teacher will feedback with a message for the child. Or work can be emailed and staff will respond via email. If there are tasks on iamlearning, Numbots or TTRS, quizzes will be marked automatically and teachers will get instant feedback on how the child has performed.

How can we support children who need additional support from adults to access remote education?

We recognise that younger children and children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) may not be able to access remote education without support from adults at home. When any work is set, we will ensure that it is differentiated to suit the needs of the child. We will send messages via Class Dojo on how to access tasks and make information as clear as we can for parents. In the event of a bubble closure, during the live lesson introduction, we will endeavour to explain the tasks as clearly as possible so that the child and the parent/carer understands what is expected.

What if my child does not have digital or online access at home?

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support these children:

  • Encrypted memory sticks with pre-loaded work can be made available for those children who do not have internet access.
  • For those children who do not have devices, school may be able to loan some equipment to use plus a dongle to provide internet access.
  • Workbooks will also be available for all children.
  • Children can complete remote learning work and send via Class Dojo, email or return to school after the isolation period.

Parents will need to contact the school office if they require any support in reference to access to remote education.

Online Learning resources

As a school, we have access to these online sites:

  1. I am Learning – This can be accessed anytime.
  2. Times Table Rockstars/ Numbots – This can be accessed anytime. The teachers will set the relevant times tables for your child to practise.
  3. Oxford Reading – www.oxfordowl.co.uk – Extra reading can be accessed using this website.

Please keep evidence of these completed activities, as there will be rewards available from their class teacher for everything they complete.

What can I do if my child completes the work that is set?

White Rose Maths (https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/) upload daily lessons for families at home to watch and take part in. You can watch the video and have a go at the questions given – you can pause at any time and complete at your speed.

All children should have their iamlearning (Frogplay) logins and teachers are setting homework using this.

For children who love science, the Children’s University of Manchester website is an excellent interactive resource in which your child can browse a number of different science topics, which have a quiz at the end of each unit.

BBC Bitesize is an excellent online resource that provides students help with revision and learning. Here you will find a number of free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject on every subject for students aged from 3 to 16 and over.

For those of you who enjoy making crafts with your child at home, Activity Village is a great resource for ideas and templates to develop creativity at home.

Go for some virtual tours around some museums in different parts of the world https://www.travelandleisure.com/attractions/museums-galleries/museums-with-virtual-tours

Spelling Shed – https://www.spellingshed.com

Maths Shed – https://www.mathshed.com

Picture News – https://www.picture-news.co.uk

Writing activities – http://www.pobble365.com

If you need any support, please contact the school using office@deyncourtprimary.com or your child’s phase. Please email:





Remember, if you are signed up to Class Dojo, you can contact your child’s class teacher using this and see daily updates!

If you would like to try some different websites which can help with learning at home, please visit our Curriculum Overviews part of the website where there are a collection of useful weblinks.

We know this is a different way of learning but try to have fun – remember we are always here for you!

Useful websites for home learning

Below is a document containing a list of educational websites your children can access from home with details on how to access each site.

Home learning – Useful websites