Safeguard and Attendance Lead –

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We encourage all children to have excellent attendance at D’Eyncourt

Regular school attendance brings enormous benefits to individual pupils, their families, schools and the community as a whole. Without regular attendance, levels of attainment suffer and opportunities are missed to obtain maximum benefit from education.

Persistent absence and lateness will affect a child’s achievement and progress in school. Comprehensive research shows that there is a direct link between a child’s level of school attendance and their level of school attainment.

As a parent, it is your legal responsibility to ensure your child receives a suitable full-time education. It is your responsibility that your child attends school each day and is on time.

Children with attendance less than 96% are identified as a concern if absences are unauthorised.

For more information regarding attendance and punctuality please read our Attendance & Punctuality Policy

In special circumstances, work can be provided through our Home Learning tab: please speak to your child’s teacher for more information.