School Council

D’Eyncourt Primary School Council is a group of pupils that represent the voice of all pupils.

Children who wish to partake in the School Council must first apply to become a councillor at the start of the academic year. There are 2 School Council Representatives for each class, starting at year 1 all the way through to year 6.

As part of the election process, pupils that apply to become councillors will explain to their class why they feel they are the best candidate to represent them; usually accompanied by a poster they have created that highlights the candidate’s key points they would like to touch on as a councillor. Finally, there is a democratic vote within each class for the school councillors.

The School Council listen to suggestions and ideas that are of importance to their peers and meet weekly with staff to share their opinions and ideas. The School Council are expected to give up 1 lunchtime a week to facilitate the council meetings (although, we do ensure that pupils within the School Council have time to eat their lunch!). The Councillors work together within their team and form links with their class, year group, staff, whole school and the wider community to enhance, make changes or support fundraising events.

Their suggestions make a positive contribution to the school’s continual development. The agenda for the School Council this year involves:

  • Hosting a Comic Relief competition. The Councillors organised a Joke Competition for Comic Relief. Pupils who wished to enter the competition were asked to bring their best jokes into school with prizes given to the winner.
  • Hosting a competition for the Winter World Cup 2022. Each class decorated their window based on a country within the World Cup. The School Council then selected a winning class from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 with prizes given to the winners.
  • Responsibility for important school funds for PE and enrichment. The School Council were tasked with spending a portion of the school budget on important equipment for PE. The Councillors have since ordered and received a wide range of essential equipment including: Skipping ropes, Hula-hoops, balls, bean bags, flying discs, Lola balls, curved ball thrower/catcher, netballs, footballs, handballs and tennis balls.
  • Raising awareness for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution. The School Council have decided to host a Pirate and Mermaid day to raise money for the RNLI. All pupils will be able to attend school in their best Pirate/Mermaid costumes!
  • Wednesfield In Bloom! The School Council will also be organising a competition within school for each class to create their own Scarecrow for their class gardens, which must be constructed of recycled items and include something growing (e.g., grass for hair). The Scarecrow also must be able to sit.

The School Council are an integral part of our school, we value the opinions of our pupils and the School Council is a great way to ensure those voices are heard.