Staff List


Year Group Teaching Staff Support Staff
Reception Miss Murphy – English/RWI/Forest School

Miss Gill – Science/STEM/PSHE

Mrs Dance

Miss Preece

Year 1 and 2 Miss Harris- School Council

Mrs Palmer – Assistant Head/SENCO/Infant Phase Leader

Mr Brazier – Art

Mrs Dosanjh – HLTA

Miss Cottrell

Mrs Turner

Mrs Dhaliwal

Year 3 and 4 Mrs Bowater – PE and MFL

Mr Taylor – Computing/Digital Ambassadors and EVC

Mrs Claybrooke – D&T and Well-being

Miss Uppal – HLTA

Mrs Deeming

Mrs Starr

Year 5 and 6 Mr Pearce – Maths

Mr Hartley– RE and SMSC

Miss Kendall – Music / Curriculum Enhancement

Miss Hennessy – HLTA

Mrs Hampton – HLTA

Mrs Preece

Leadership Team 2020-21

Headteacher – Mrs Darby

Assistant Headteacher- Miss Ford- Assessment /Curriculum Lead/KS2 Lead

Assistant Headteacher-  Mrs Palmer – SENCO/Inclusion/EYFS/KS1 Lead

Middle Leadership Team

Mr Pearce – Maths Leader

Miss Murphy- English/RWI/Forest School Leader

Miss Gill- Science/ STEM/ PSHE/Mental Health First Aider

Non-Class Based Staff:

Mrs Marston – History/Geography (based in 1/2P Thursdays and 3/4C Wednesdays)

Administration Team

Mrs J Gill – Office Administrator

Mrs Di Bartolomeo

Miss Di Bartolomeo- Executive Business Officer (working across D’Eyncourt and Woden)

Site Staff

Mr Turner

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Scrivens – Senior

Mrs Coates

Mrs Giddings

Mrs White

Mrs Simmonds

Mrs Daly

Mrs Paul

Mrs Kaur

School Nurse

Susan Watts

Attendance Officer

Katy Everett