Early Years

Dough Gym and Funky Fingers

Dough Gym and Funky Fingers are daily physical interventions to develop children’s fine and gross motor dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination, proprioception, balance, low load control, grip and most importantly, their self-esteem! As Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Communication and Language are prime areas of the Early Years Curriculum, Dough Gym and Funky Fingers are a very important part of the children’s daily routine.

Read Write Inc

The children are taught their phonics skills using Read Write Inc which is a nationally recognised programme. For more information please see the Phonics (Reading) page.

Little Big Maths

The whole school uses the Big maths programme to teach mathematics. This is also used in Reception under the title ‘Little Big Maths’. More information about Little Big Maths can be found here http://www.andrelleducation.com/little-big-maths/

Forest School

The children attend Forest School every week. We use our woodland area as a means to build the children’s confidence, self-esteem, teamwork and problem solving. All areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are taught through experiences at Forest School . http://www.forestschoolassociation.org/what-is-forest-school/