Admissions to Reception

Our admission number is 45. Therefore, 45 places are offered to children whose 5th birthday falls between 1st September and 31st August.

Application packs are distributed through nurseries in November or December for admission to Reception classes and are considered by the Authority in the Spring term. Parents are required to complete and submit their forms to the local authority usually by December or January.

The local authority will distribute places as follows where there are more applicants than places:

  • To looked after children i.e. children in the care of the local authority
  • To children who have strong medical or social circumstances
  • To children who already have siblings at the school
  • To all other children based on how close they live to the school (by a straight line measurement)

Admissions in other year groups

Admissions are dealt with through the local authority and parents are advised to contact the Civic Centre who will investigate the availability of places for parents and advise them on admissions and appeals procedures.