Modern Foreign Language

MFL at D’Eyncourt

At D’Eyncourt Primary we consistently promote the study of a foreign language (in our case, French) because of its increasing importance in both personal development and in global society. The intention of our MFL curriculum is to develop an interest in and thirst for learning other languages. We aim to introduce the learning of the French language and the understanding of its culture in enjoyable and stimulating ways. We hope to embed the essential skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. We aim to build the children’s ‘cultural capital’ so that they are aware of similarities and differences between cultures. In short, we hope to lay the foundations for future language learning.

Our aims at D’Eyncourt are:

• To enable children to understand and communicate in another language.

• To develop enthusiasm for language learning.

• To develop language skills and language learning skills.

• To give the children confidence in interacting with others.

• To increase the children’s global awareness.

• To awaken an interest in different cultures and life-styles.

• To develop children’s understanding of themselves and their culture.

• To encourage tolerance and a willingness to work co-operatively.

We are a one and a half form entry school and therefore it is essential that our lessons are differentiated to create lessons that are tailored to the child and as inclusive as possible. It is our intention to ensure that every child has access to quality teaching in MFL. Detailed medium plans have been created along with a progression of skills document to enable us to deliver effective French lessons. It is our intention to ensure that every child has access to quality teaching in this area.

We have recently introduced a new French Curriculum that is fun, both to teach and to learn. The National Curriculum requires children’s language learning to begin in Year 3 (Key Stage 2) but our belief is to encourage and enlighten children’s knowledge of French at the earliest opportunity.

Our KS1 children are exposed to daily greetings and assembly instructions given in the French language which gives them time to adjust and practice their pronunciations. Speaking and listening in basic French, creates confidence building opportunities.

Our assessed lessons begin in Year 3 and continue through to Year 6. The MFL curriculum has been designed to progressively develop skills in French. We are currently using the Rising Stars scheme to deliver our French lessons. These ensure children acquire a bank of vocabulary organised around topics. They ensure development is progressive as they build on previous knowledge from units already studied. All children in KS2 are taught French in a weekly discrete lesson. This is delivered by the class teacher or another qualified teacher during PPA. Pupils receive a MFL book in at the commencement of Year 3 and this book stays with them throughout their KS2 education.

As our children end their time with us in Year 6, the final term sees them work collaboratively with Year 2 as an introduction to French lessons. Here our Year 6 students are able to enhance their own skills whilst passing the baton of knowledge to our younger children. Providing our younger children with basic skills enables us to begin in the Autumn term with enthusiasm. To further encourage our children, we offer a French after-school club in the summer term for Year 2 children.

In September at D’Eyncourt, we traditionally celebrate ‘International Day of Languages’. Each KS2 phase is given a country to celebrate for a day. Researching the language and the culture gives the children an opportunity to develop their understanding of their place in the world. KS1 are given France to research. This gives opportunities to expose them to the French culture and language, preparing them for their KS2 lessons.

In July, the school celebrates ‘Bastille Day’ where there is an opportunity to use their skills for a ‘purpose’. Which is fundamental to our philosophy of MFL learning.

The intention for our lessons is for them to be both fun and educational. Creating opportunities for our pupils to practice their skills, is fundamental to the MFL policy. We ensure that we offer interactive resources, with children speaking, singing, listening, playing games and completing enjoyable activities.

MFL Road Map

Download MFL Road Map

At D’Eyncourt Primary School, the children learn through a concept-based curriculum allowing them to learn beyond solely the topic facts. We follow the ‘Language Angels’
Scheme for the teaching of French. Within this approach, there are ‘Three Pillars of Language Learning’ which have become our key concepts. The ‘three pillars of language
learning’ are phonics, grammar and vocabulary. These are all built into all of our lessons, units and teaching types. Concepts are returned to throughout the year groups to
ensure children have a clear understanding of them and enable them to be held within their long-term memory. Please find below a list of concepts that the children at
D’Eyncourt Primary School focus on MFL.

Download MFL concepts