British Science Week

Celebrating British Science Week at D’Eyncourt Primary School has been an enriching experience for all students, with a captivating theme: Time. Engaging all children across the school, our school community delved into various aspects of time through interactive and educational activities.

In Reception, the children explored the lifecycles of chicks and ducklings, witnessing firsthand the remarkable transformations these animals undergo over time. Meanwhile, Years 1 and 2 embarked on a journey through the changing seasons, creating vibrant posters to illustrate the changes in nature over time. Year 3 and 4 children delved into the world of horticulture, planting herbs and closely observing their growth and development over time. Lastly, Year 5 and 6 children delved into the realm of physics, investigating water resistance by conducting experiments with plasticine. By timing how long it took for different shapes of plasticine to sink, students gained valuable insights into the effects of shape and resistance on motion over time.

British Science Week at D’Eyncourt Primary School has not only fostered a deeper understanding of science but also instilled a sense of wonder and curiosity about time in our natural world. It has been a brilliant week for Science and I look forward to creating a whole school display to exhibit the fantastic work the children have been producing whilst in their science lessons.