Reception welcome some new additions

We’re thrilled to share the delightful happenings in our Reception class over the past two weeks! It’s been an egg-citing journey as we welcomed some adorable additions to our classroom – ducklings and chicks!

Our young learners have been on a remarkable adventure, witnessing the miracle of life unfold right before their eyes. From the moment the eggs arrived, carefully nestled in their incubators, anticipation filled the air. And then, the magic began!

As the days passed, our little ones observed with wonder as the eggs hatched, revealing fluffy ducklings and fluffy chicks peeping out from their shells. Each day brought new discoveries as our young scientists learned about the lifecycles of these precious creatures, from their first wobbly steps to their fluffy feathers and beyond.

With gentle care and boundless enthusiasm, our Reception class has embraced their role as caretakers, providing warmth, love, and nurturing to our newfound feathered friends. It’s been a heartwarming journey of empathy, responsibility, and discovery for our young learners, fostering a deep connection to the natural world around them.

We’re immensely proud of our Reception class for their curiosity, compassion, and dedication throughout this incredible experience. As we bid farewell to our ducklings and chicks, we carry with us cherished memories and valuable lessons that will last a lifetime. Here’s to the joy of new life and the wonders of nature – may they continue to inspire us all!