TerraCycle Partnership – Our new recycle station

At D’Eyncourt, we have created a new recycling station outside of the school gates. We have teamed up with a charity called TerraCycle and have become a general public drop-off point for our local community.

As you might know, supplies, new equipment, or school activities can be expensive, and fundraising for our school can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Teaming up with TerraCycle allows us the opportunity to earn money for our school simply by recycling and raising funds with this charity! When you recycle with them, we will earn points for each shipment of hard-to-recycle rubbish we send in. These points can then be redeemed as a donation for our school! This is a fantastic opportunity to be more eco-friendly and better yet — we will help inspire the next generation of recyclers.

Please find attached all the different items we are recycling. These posters are also displayed on the bins, and they show different items they do and do not accept. Anything you can recycle will be gratefully received. It will also stop your bins from overflowing!

Thank you,
Mrs Corns ????♻